The partners of Innovall

We are a Systems Engineering company that since its creation in 1989 has specialized as a provider of Integration Services for Industrial Control and Information Systems.

La Asociación de Empresarios Instaladores Eléctricos, Telecomunicaciones y Energías Renovables de Valencia, (ASELEC) es una organización empresarial independiente en la que se agrupan libremente más de 1000 empresas de instalaciones eléctricas que dan empleo a más de 6000 trabajadores.

Baleària opera los trayectos entre la Península (puertos de Barcelona, Valencia y Denia) y las Islas Baleares, además de ser la única que conecta dichas islas entre ellas. La compañía opera tanto en ferry o como en fast ferry, en función de la distancia y las necesidades del pasaje.

Cartonajes Bernabeu’s activity focuses on the manufacture of corrugated cardboard. The company started its activity in 1971, from the facilities located in Ontinyent. Currently, Cartonajes Bernabeu holds another work center in L’Olleria in the industrial park “Els Teularets”.

El inicio de la andadura de la cooperativa valenciana Consum arranca en 1975 como una cooperativa de consumo, con la apertura de su primer establecimiento en Alaquàs (Valencia) y un colectivo de 600 socios consumidores.

The Empresa General Valenciana del Agua S.A. (EGEVASA) was founded in 1988 by the Most Excellent Provincial Delegation of Valencia to give solutions to the problems related to the Hydraulic Cycle suffered by some municipalities in the province of Valencia.

Fenie Energía esta orientada completamente al cliente, buscando que entienda mejor la liberalización eléctrica y las nuevas reglas del mercado.

Galol SA, is a subsidiary company of coatings and surface treatments by electrolysis; special chemical coatings, organic, inorganic of conversion, etc. on materials both metallic and non metallic, offering to its customers the collection, treatment and parts return to each customer.

Manufacturing, printing, manufacture and distribution of flexible packaging

Gestiweb is a software development company and internet solutions specialized in the development and implementation of business management systems, ERP-based on free software. The company was recognized in 2010 as a successful company by the “Cámara de Valencia”

We are a company with 23 years of experience specializing in mobile software development, focused on commercial catalogs in iPad, place orders and to connect the company’s ERP. The tool also allows the seller reports, sales team GPS tracking and statistics and control sales.

INEL S.L. is since 1987, the year when it began its activities, a company dedicated to providing comprehensive services in the field of installations and energy efficiency with the implementation of projects, installations and maintenance.

INGENIERÍA BATALLER Y CATALÁ, S.L.P. covers the fields of industrial engineering, having done activities for projects and building management .

KiwCloud es un Proveedor de Servicios Gestionados basado en un nuevo modelo de negocio en el mundo de las Tecnologías de la Información IT (IT). Las soluciones de KiwCloud hacen que la tecnología sea rápida y fácil.

Designing and manufacturing of machinery for all types of industrial processes. Specialists in textile recycling plants and cutting machinery in various formats (rolls, linen, bullets and bundles) and all materials (textiles, fiberglass, plastics, waste, etc

Craftsmanship and passion come together in the development of each of our products. We are lovers of our work and our effort focuses on offering products with the highest quality without sacrificing design and always using the best 100% natural raw materials.

NUNSYS is a technology services company whose primary business focus is the implementation of Cisco solutions, the worldwide leader in networking and communications systems.

Olax22 is created with the aim of solving environmental problems in the printing industry and waste energy recovery coming from the food industry as well as sludge from wastewater treatment plants (EDAR).

Company specialized in the distribution of ESET NOD32 antivirus software that has achieved a wide distribution network (over 4000 assets).

Apart from the legal aspect of Intellectual Property management, which is related to the protection and defence of rights, it also covers an area related to strategic aspects that are decisive for the company, such as marketing, accounting and making the most of its intangible assets.

Proselección is a Human Resources Consultant with over twenty years of experience in managing business services and solutions in human resources for both public companies and private ones.

The company PROTECTEL Gestión de Seguridad, S.A. specializes in the installation of all types of electronic security systems. Thus, it offers to its clients a comprehensive service quality in the field of security.

It is dedicated to advising on insurance and risk management in business and personal. The company works in the selection of optimal products and services in profitability and opportunity to offer the best insurance solutions through a specialized and comprehensive advice which can cover all the needs in the business and personal sectors.

The company Reciclatges Guerola S.L. was founded in early 1999. In the beginning, the company was engaged mostly only collection of cardboard and plastic.

Solitium is a group of companies specialized in office, IT and communication services, document management solutions for SMEs, large format and 3D printing.

We provide our clients with the best service thanks to the experience and knowledge of the geographical area of the participating Distributor, and to the synergies we have achieved with all the human teams that make up a solid structure.

Our hallmark is the manufacture of telecommunications equipment. We are specialized in automatic identification, traceability and mobility. This identification is performed automatically by RFID. This is a radio frequency identification technology.

Desde sus inicios en los años 40 nuestra historia ha estado marcada constantemente por la idea de superación, de innovación, de adaptación constante a los nuevos retos. Hoy contamos con el valioso activo de una experiencia basada en la innovación constante.Cuando hablamos de productos textiles para el hogar tenga la seguridad de que sabemos de qué estamos hablando.

Fabricación de artículos de vidrio, para decoración y menaje principalmente utilizando siempre vidrio reciclado al 100%.

Visdeltex is based in Ontinyent, its beginning starts as a company dedicated to the manufacture of machinery for the home textile and clothing sector, particularly in the manufacture of quilting machinery.

The University of Valencia, as a public service, provides the necessary instructions for the formation of students preparing for the exercise of professional or artistic activities and obtaining, where appropriate, relevant academic qualifications, as well as for lifelong learning own staff and teachers at all levels of education.

UPV-EPSA is a University that can attract the best students and train professionals to a level of recognized excellence, prestigious and highly appreciated by local and international employers. The relevance of the scientific production of the UPV provides a significant international presence, with strong academic partnerships with the best universities in the world.

La Universidad de Alicante fue creada en octubre de 1979 sobre la estructura del CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS UNIVERSITARIOS (CEU), que había comenzado a funcionar en 1968. Alicante recuperaba de esta manera los estudios universitarios suspendidos en 1834, cuando cerró, tras dos siglos de existencia, su precursora, la Universidad de Orihuela.

FOOTWEAR TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE. Is a service organisation for the footwear and related industries, formed by these companies themselves in order to collectively deal with the technological activities which are of sectorial interest and which cannot be carried out individually.

El Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV) es un centro tecnológico que estudia el comportamiento del cuerpo humano y su relación con los productos, entornos y servicios que utilizan las personas. Fundado en 1976, el instituto es un centro concertado entre el Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial (IVACE) y la Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV).

IBERDROLA is Spain’s number one energy group, one of the largest utilities in the world and a world leader in wind power.